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Nexcenz is a Top-rated software testing company that provides end-to-end software quality assurance and testing services to assist startups and large businesses in their digital transformation path. With more than five years of QA and testing experience, our Certified Software Testers offer a wide range of expertise to customers worldwide in QA, Automation Testing, and Manual Testing. Our testing techniques are intended to improve the delivery of software products with the highest quality, ensuring that the products provide customers with an engaging experience.

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What is a QA / software testing company?

A software testing company is a professional business that works on assessing software products to make sure they fulfil quality requirements and function as intended. These businesses use qualified experts who create test cases, carry out testing, and document any faults in the software. Before the application is put on the market, they employ a variety of testing methods, including automated and manual testing, to find bugs and enhance its general dependability.

Our Premium Software Testing Services

All testing categories are covered by our carry-out software quality assurance premium services, which are provided by our highly qualified test engineers. We offer software testing and quality assurance services for desktop, and mobile applications. We provide competence and experience in all aspects of our software QA services, including API, unit, multi-browser, and multi-device testing. We also design unique solutions for a range of testing requirements. By utilizing agile and scrum-based workflows, we can effectively manage changing needs, minimize risks, and shorten time to market. We prioritize early testing, effective communication, thorough reporting, and consistency in our QA and software testing services.

Automation Testing

Our approach accelerates the product launch process by combining the strength of automated testing with human knowledge. This all-inclusive method guarantees that every feature of your software is carefully tested, resulting in a reliable and error-free final product.

Performance Testing

We provide thorough performance testing services that let businesses assess the effectiveness of each system component separately. We offer end-to-end services and scalable performance testing suites that make use of Apache JMeter and other open-source technologies.

Functional Testing

We provide a wide range of functions for our functional software testing, such as user interface testing, functionality testing, data verification, user compatibility testing, API testing, regression, and user acceptability testing services.

Mobile Testing

We provide premium mobile app testing services to guarantee that your app runs smoothly across a range of platforms, OS versions, device types, etc. We provide a seamless user experience by adhering to Apple and Android stringent quality requirements during our testing.

Security testing

Utilizing modern technology and methodologies, Nexcenz's Security Testing services maximize time and resource efficiency by identifying security vulnerabilities and guaranteeing low-security risks.

Cross-Browser Testing

To evaluate and compare your website's performance across various browser environments, we do cross-browser testing. Cross-browser testing, we make sure that your website provides the best possible user experience independent of the browser being utilised to view it.

QA consulting

We conduct QA process audits, develop necessary QA process enhancements, and assist you in determining the underlying reasons for your quality problems. To thoroughly test the product, you may create an ideal QA plan with the assistance of our software testing professionals.

Loads Testing

Fast website load times, application speed, and scalable web services/APIs are critical in today's digital environment. To optimize crucial software and deliver a flawless user experience, our load-testing specialists find performance problems early in the SDLC.

Manual Testing

We test the product manually to assess its performance across a range of devices, as well as its usability and user interface. Beyond automated testing, our professionals find flaws and offer customized feedback.

Regression Testing

Make sure that changes you have made to your system haven't affected its features and functioning by using Nexcenz's regression testing services. To ensure the software's functionality, we retest it following upgrades or modifications to the code.

Compatibility Testing

We thoroughly test software compatibility on a range of devices, platforms, and settings as part of our premium service to guarantee smooth operation for every user.

Localization Testing

We evaluate how well your product translates into various languages, cultures, and locations with our top-notch localization testing, ensuring a positive user experience everywhere.

Why Choose Our QA / Software Testing Services agency?

Nexcenz is a software testing company that specializes in offering our clients software testing services for a range of industries. Our company has offered top-notch QA Testing services to many clients, including organizations, startups, and huge enterprises. We have collaborated with several businesses, providing them with high-calibre solutions so our clients are satisfied. We can't see your business's size, but we can offer the appropriate expertise and services to meet your demands.

A team of skilled software and QA testers with extensive expertise in core stacks like Gradle, Jira, Docker, Appium, and Selenium IDE is the result you get when you work with Nexcenz. Make use of industry-best testing procedures and guidelines. We promise quality that makes customers happy. Utilize our testing services to expedite time to market and redesign your business processes and apps' user experiences.

Comprehensive Quality Assessment

To guarantee a full assessment and the detection of any possible problems, our software testing services seek deeply into every side of your product..

Competitive Pricing

Nexcenz recognizes the value of being economical. We provide low prices without compromising the quality of our software testing services to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Highly Skilled Team

We have skilled professionals on our team who have a great deal of experience with software testing. Their industrial experience and varied skill set enable them to tackle any task and provide outstanding outcomes.

Zero Defect Spill Rate

We are proud of our history of keeping a zero defect spill rate, which demonstrates our dedication to quality and guarantees that your product satisfies the strictest requirements for dependability and quality.

Focused To Your Needs

We collaborate closely with you to comprehend your particular goals and customize our services to fit them, guaranteeing a customized approach and optimizing the outcome of your project.

Our QA Software Testing Process

We provide user-friendly, error-free apps by adhering to a software testing procedure. This standardized method is used by our skilled QA analysts to ensure quality

Analysis of Requirements

Our testers examine both the functional and non-functional requirements of the product. Their comprehension of your application's requirements enables them to create a test strategy that is efficient and meets your expectations.

Test Plans Creation

The requirements are used to create a thorough test plan. This plan serves as a roadmap for the whole testing process, including the test cases, objectives, and techniques to be employed.

Test Documentation Development

After the strategy is accepted, our team meticulously creates the documentation needed for testing. This consists of scripts, scenarios, and test cases that carefully confirm the usability, performance, and functioning of the product.

Testing Environment setup

A testing environment is meticulously built to closely resemble the production environment of the software. This guarantees reliable test findings and a seamless transfer to practical use.

Test Cases execution

Our testers cautiously carry out the specified test cases, confirming that the application functions as intended. Every defect or problem found is recorded for further investigation and fixing.

Test Cycle Closure

Until all test cases are completed and the software is completely tested, this iterative process is continued. After being approved, the application may be distributed with assurance because it has passed rigorous quality assurance tests.

Hire a Software Developer from Our software quality assurance testing company

We are a software company with enthusiastic app testers who employ an intelligence-driven approach to completely transform the quality of your product. Get total transparency throughout the whole engagement, including price, and be guaranteed to receive the best rate card when compared to skill sets. Maintain flawless code by using skilled testing knowledge, strict security protocols for your app's data, and strict adherence to agreed-upon NDAs. Make the most of a quick start to your testing and quality assurance process by utilizing a skilled, experienced team of professionals who are always available for deployment. get in touch with Nexcenz to recruit a Software Developer from our software quality assurance testing company.

Questions often Raised by our Valued Clients

Compatibility testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, Mobile App Testing, and Localization testing, Testing Automation, Performance Testing, etc these are Our software testing services.

The responsibility of QA in software testing is ensuring the software being produced complies with the necessary standards and requirements. QA achieves this by doing a variety of tasks, such as: creating and carrying out test cases and plans Testing both functionally and non-functionally Regression testing is done. Defect detection and reporting Making sure that the flaws have been fixed observing and assessing the process of developing software ensuring adherence to quality standards and protocols.

In software testing, quality assurance refers to using systematic monitoring and assessment procedures to make sure the program satisfies predetermined criteria and standards.

Regular testing enables businesses to find possible problems or flaws early on and make necessary corrections before the items are released into the market. Maintaining consistency in product quality is one of the key advantages of routine testing.

OR QA testing is crucial because it assists in finding and addressing flaws early in the development cycle, hence raising customer happiness, lowering risks, and increasing product quality.

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