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As a top provider of OTT app development services, Nexcenz offers excellent media content and streaming video experiences on a variety of device types.

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Our company, which specializes in developing high-end OTT apps and online platforms, can assist you in achieving cutting-edge live streaming through the use of top cloud platforms like AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud. We provide customized OTT systems that satisfy your business's demands for video-on-demand streaming while providing the intended audience with high-quality entertainment. We provide you with original concepts for video streaming.

Our End to End OTT app development services

Our OTT platform development is prepared for the future by utilizing our expertise in live-streaming solutions.

OTT Application consulting

As a skilled OTT mobile app development company, we pinpoint your most important business needs and carry out a thorough investigation to present you with an online video platform development plan that will yield excellent profits.

Customized OTT App Development

Being a top provider of OTT software development services, we create strong, customized video streaming systems that provide your business with total control over user accounts, user interfaces, and content.

OTT UI & UX Design

Excellent usability, user experience, and an attention-grabbing visual are key components of the UX/UI design for the OTT platform. Make use of our front-end expertise to create elegant, business-like user interfaces across a range of displays and devices.

OTT Application Migration and Upgrade

We utilize a customer-focused approach and long-term innovation system visioning to provide a seamless OTT app migration and upgrading plan. Our professionals in OTT application development assist you in switching from any outdated platform to an excellent visual experience.

OTT Application Integration

Our OTT solution development professionals can assist you with your OTT-related endeavours efficiently and consistently by using a smooth and consistent approach. In terms of integration requirements, our team possesses unparalleled competence to provide outstanding outcomes with unparalleled simplicity.

OTT Maintenance and Support

Beyond the traditional migration or deployment procedure for a particular OTT platform, we provide ongoing assistance that includes resolving risks and defects in the application, safeguarding databases, and fine-tuning checkpoints to guarantee a reliable OTT streaming platform.

OTT App Testing

As experts in QA consulting and software testing, we employ our internal automation platform at various phases of the product development life cycle. We offer a variety of OTT app testing services, including remote usability testing, third-party integration testing, and bandwidth testing.

Live Video streaming

We provide unique video streaming solutions with the current DRM technologies, including Widevine and Verimatrix, and provide customers with an immersive streaming experience in real time. It also uses transcoding capability to reduce latency in video streaming.

Video Conferences Systems

Being a leading OTT application development company, we provide unique online video conferencing and meetings software and apps, along with browser-based apps, online webinar management apps, and session recording, to guarantee an improved return on investment.

Dedicated OTT Development Teams

Improve your development capacity by adding more members to your current team. Our committed teams of OTT app developers are skilled in many different technologies and produce applications that are easily scalable, have a quicker time to market, and have higher return on investment.

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Features of the Ott platform

Provide premium material of the highest quality while minimizing bandwidth consumption on both ends of the connection by using real-time data compression.

A range of Features

Features that range from TV live broadcasting to user-generated live videos

Minimize buffering by using a CDN

Ensure that targeted viewers receive material quickly based on their location.

Provide UI/UX and On-Demand features

Provide a user-friendly platform with Flash integrated so that you may stream video at a high pixel rate on any size device.

Extending Media storage

Utilize cloud storage systems like Microsoft Azure, Amazon cloud services, and Google Cloud to achieve great scalability.

Secure content inventory

Use IP-based access control, DRM, and AES encryption to safeguard your material and lessen hacker and unauthorized user intrusions.

Support for Multiple Languages

Using audio tracks, subtitles, or descriptions, you may provide your video material in many languages on your streaming platform.

Multiple Gateways for Payment

Allow your users to pay with ease by providing them with a variety of alternatives, such as bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets.

Watch List

Allow viewers to easily add videos to their watchlists that they want to see at a later time. A push notification tool is integrated into custom OTT development to remind consumers about their watchlists.

Smart Search

Boost user engagement with the analytics-driven search interface that lets users establish their preferences and search with tailored suggestions and precise results.

Multiple Content Categories

By classifying your video material according to demographic and genre, you can increase user engagement and help them discover their content more quickly.

Audience Analytics

Make use of the audience analytics function to obtain precise information on user activity, preferences, subscription trends, ratings, and more according to location.

Review and Rating

We provide your users access to a dedicated reviews and rating section where they can conveniently record any problems they may have and highlight any aspects of your business that want improvement.

OTT App Development Processes

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

To create a robust roadmap, we take steps to gather requirements, understand your vision and objectives, and know about your target audience. In this manner, we satisfy the needs of our clients.

Front-end Development

assuming a significant role that may influence your entire experience, and we'll be working in a manner that produces an aesthetically pleasing front end for your OTT software. From designing wireframes to developing user flows, we follow a comprehensive plan that might provide positive results for you.

App Design

In terms of OTT app distribution, designing is the most crucial stage. Additionally, our team makes sure to concentrate on producing visually appealing user experiences and user interfaces Because of your delivery requirements, we consider the complete procedure.

Video & Audio Streaming

We are offering you customized, dependable, high-quality streaming audio and video that you can integrate into your company. To preserve the value of your brand, our staff ensures that you may stream the video safely and smoothly for your listener and viewer.

Back-End Development

Our team uses a dependable framework to create components and structure for your app to improve its operation. It also gives you an appropriate back end for your OTT app using a coordinated method.

Management of Subscriptions

We are aware of how crucial subscription management is. Our team handles the consistent user subscription, the payment process, and the lifespan of all things linked to subscriptions. We include an approachable and clear procedure for your OTT app.

Testing and Quality Assurance

When it comes to testing and quality control, we are experts. Our in-house team of professionals constantly monitors the whole development process, searching for issues that can be fixed and improved so that your user can enjoy the audio and video experience.

Deployment and Launch

This is the most crucial phase, where we expand the market for your software. The team uses a methodical ladder approach, and before launching, we make sure to cover and mark each procedure. We provide an application that can manage user traffic.

Hire ott app developers

Looking for qualified developers to work on your OTT application? There's nowhere else to look! Top-notch OTT app development services catered to your requirements are provided by Nexcenz. Our OTT app builders are qualified, devoted, and motivated to provide excellent solutions that satisfy your needs. With our knowledge, we make sure your OTT software sticks out in the crowded market and offers smooth user experiences. Let's talk about your project and realize your idea together by getting in touch with us now!

Why Choose Nexcenz forCustom OTT App Development?

At Nexcenz, we consider that the best technology should be integrated into your project to provide a data-driven solution that will benefit your business. Here, our staff works hard to give clients excellent solutions, and the outcomes of our labour demonstrate the years of experience we have. Our extensive team is knowledgeable on OTT technology, including its features, tools, and potential benefits for your business. We pay close attention to all of your needs and offer reasonably priced, completely tailored solutions for your business. For a trustworthy OTT solution, contact us. You may be confident in the general communication flow since we inform our clients of any change.

For your business, we employed cloud-based infrastructure to benefit industrial initiatives. Every project has its tool that we employ. To learn more about our specialized knowledge, get in touch with us. Your queries will be gladly answered by our OTT topic specialists, both functional and technical.

Questions often Raised by our Valued Clients

Reaching your target audience using an OTT platform has several advantages. A vast variety of material, such as movies, TV series, live events, etc., is available on OTT platforms. This implies that a large audience can hear your message. Using an OTT platform also allows you to establish a more intimate connection with your audience. They can be communicated with via chatbots, social media, and other channels. In this manner, you may establish a rapport with them and discover more about their requirements and preferences. OTT platforms are quite economical. They frequently cost less than more conventional forms of advertising like print or television advertisements.

The cost to design an OTT software in India might change depending on the complexity of the project and your unique needs. In general, the price may differ or increase based on variables like the features of the app, the architecture of the product, the compatibility of the platform, the complexity of the design, the content management system, and third-party integrations.

Our expert OTT Development staff members are proficient in REDIS (video compression), JavaScript, Python, MVC Integration, Kotlin, and Server (video streaming). A complete technology stack enables the creation of a customized content library with cross-platform playing capabilities.

With the help of an admin panel from Nexcenz, you will be able to view data tailored to your KPIs. The total number of active users, average user view time, average movie watch time, and total income are all included in the analytics. Platforms like Mixpanel and Clever Tap can be integrated if the customer requests sophisticated insights.

OTT Application development. The popularity of OTT streaming has grown recently, and this trend is expected to continue until 2023 and beyond. An increasing number of individuals are using OTT applications to watch their preferred TV series, movies, and other video material as a result of the widespread use of smartphones and high-speed internet.

To create an OTT app, plan out your content strategy, create UIs that are easy to use, and develop for iOS, Android, or the web. To provide smooth streaming experiences and to allow for scalability, leverage cloud services.

To increase user engagement and retention for an OTT platform app, set up server architecture, incorporate payment methods, select a variety of content, and give priority to tailored suggestions.

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