Huobi Clone Script - Start Your Own Crypto Exchange in 07 Days


We intend to give a top-notch solution for every requirement encountered by business owners. You have countless options when creating the greatest fully working website, similar to Huobi Crypto Exchange, with the help of Huobi Clone Script. It helps you to design the greatest exchange with features like trading, analysis, and more. 

Features of the Huobi clone script

The following are the Features of the Huobi clone app:

Robust trading platform

The key component of a faultless trading experience like that of a pro is a robust trading engine, which allows traders to trade quickly and securely with the help of our Huobi clone script.

Swapping atoms

The atomic swap functionality, provided by the Huobi clone script, is a crucial component for exchange companies such as Huobi as it permits the seamless exchange of cryptocurrency between two distinct blockchains without the need for a third party.

Support for Multiple Languages

The capabilities that Huobi Clone Script supports in several languages. Allow your traders to easily access the trading account or terminal in the language of their choice. Global cryptocurrency traders are drawn to this characteristic.

Payment Gateway Integration

 A smooth payment gateway integration module is integrated into our Huobi clone script. With the help of this function, dealers may receive cryptocurrency assets through an extremely safe and transparent online payment method.

Fast Purchase/Sale

With the immediate buy/sell functionality incorporated inside our Huobi clone script, your traders may purchase or sell cryptocurrency instantaneously and quickly. Consequently, this will improve their trading encounters.

Common trading types

The Huobi Clone Script supports both basic and complex order types. It assists in your traders' exploration of buying or selling at a particular price or market price by their preferred trading strategy. More order types have a significant influence on bringing in a diverse trader base.

Trading derivatives

The Huobi Clone Script was used to create the derivative trading module. These are agreements on the purchase and sale of underlying assets made by two or more parties. Give your traders the option to use leverage to boost possible profits.

Listing of Tokens

Token listing features were developed into our Whitelabel Houbi Clone Script. Your traders can list new cryptocurrency currencies or tokens with the help of the token listing. by determining the listing costs. If the token owners can contact the audience, you can reverse the trend of passive revenue from a token listing.

Adaptable Payment Modes 

For traders, our Huobi clone script provides a variety of payment options. They let your trades make purchases today and settle payments over time in instalments. It also doesn't have exorbitant interest rates.

OTC Trading

The OTC feature is provided by the Huobi clone script. Allow your traders to engage directly with one another in sophisticated trading that advances equity. The payment methods for the cryptocurrency exchange are available to traders.

Referrals Program  

The Huobi Clone Script has a referral program that works well for rewarding your merchants. By sharing the code or link with other traders, they might earn incentives or payment in exchange.

Integration of wallets

The wallet integration module is crucial to the operation of your exchange company. Multiple wallets may be quickly combined with our built-in Huobi clone script, allowing traders to trade cryptocurrency tokens and currencies without any difficulty.

White Label Huobi Clone Software

A white-label Huobi clone software is a specially designed exchange solution that imitates the Huobi exchange platform's functionality and third-party APIs. Huobi clone software is a white-label framework that lets companies use Huobi's cutting-edge technology to run their cryptocurrency exchange platform, fully customizable to suit their unique needs and objectives. Modern technology and white-label crypto exchange software solutions that allow for customized choices are used in the construction of our Huobi clone.

Revenue Modules of Huobi Exchange Clone

A Huobi Exchange clone has access to several modules that allow for revenue generation. utilizing various platform features to provide a variety of revenue streams. The main income modules are as follows:

Trading Fee

 A small percentage is charged to the trader for each trade they make on the trading platform. producing a steady income through significant quantities of bitcoin trading.

Listing Charge

charging cryptocurrency trading enterprises a charge to list their coins on the listing and exchange platforms, so generating a substantial income. It will facilitate the influx of new initiatives seeking to expand their audience.

Withdrawal Charge

Establish either fixed or variable withdrawal fees to make up for network transaction expenses and make extra money. These costs support the exchange's operations while giving customers access to essential fund transfer services.

Initial offerings of exchanges

To host their token sales on the platform, levy a cryptocurrency exchange project fee and streamline the first exchange offering. It creates a sizable cash stream and draws in new traders.

Margin Trading Fee

 A fee for borrowing money used for margin trading, which will entice seasoned traders to search for leverage on their platform. With significant trading activity, this fee structure has the potential to be the main source of income.

API Access 

API Access offers blockchain developers useful data, insights, and trade tools in exchange for a price that is based on use or feature sets. Integrations with third-party APIs provide extra income for it.


Sell crypto projects and associated services advertising space on the cryptocurrency exchange. generating revenue from sponsored content and banner ads to expand the audience for your cryptocurrency exchange website. It generates ROI for the cryptocurrency trading company and raises the visibility of advertisements.


Work together with other blockchain initiatives and the Bitcoin exchange to generate money for both parties. Co-branded goods, cooperative marketing campaigns, and service sharing are a few examples.

Benefits of Huobi Clone Script

A Huobi clone script offers several commercial advantages that enable entrepreneurs to start a cryptocurrency exchange that resembles Huobi. Here are a few main benefits:

Reduce the Time and Cost of Development

When compared to creating a cryptocurrency trading platform from scratch, the time and expense are decreased by utilizing pre-made Huobi clone scripts. It allows for a quicker time to market and requires less money upfront.

Business Plan

Huobi clones lower the chance of disappointment because they are based on a profitable and established business strategy. Trades are appealing to businesspeople because of their tried-and-true features.

High Level of Liquidity

Enhancing the high liquidity through the integration of third-party liquidity providers draws traders and improves the trading environment.

Customization and Scalability

Huobi exchange scripts that are specially tailored can be made to satisfy unique requirements. Because of its scalability, more features and a wider user base may be supported.

Advanced Security & Privacy Features

To give traders a safe trading environment, a reliable Huobi clone software has security and privacy features including multi-signature wallets, SSL encryption, and 2FA.

Interface That's Easy to Use

The user-friendly interface of the script draws in and keeps users by providing a smooth trading experience.

Multiple Sources of Income

To assure varied income streams, a Huobi clone script offers several revenue sources, including trading fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees for their new tokens, mentorship for ads, and sales of their whitelabel clone script solutions.

Quick Deployment

 Quickly launch a Bitcoin exchange firm with the support of our ready-made Huobi clone software.

Web and Mobile Compatibility

The Huobi clone script may be used with both mobile and online application platforms, allowing users to trade while on the go and providing a consistent experience across all platforms.

Houbi Clone App Development

In an attempt to attract potential customers, businesses are racing to release highly optimized mobile applications with top-notch user experiences due to the steadily increasing number of mobile users. Users are enthralled with a mobile application due to its capacity to provide flawless customisation and flexibility, whether they are working on the go. The more crowded the user base, the more the ROI. 

An iOS and Android mobile app has been made accessible by Huobi. For individuals who would want to be able to trade anywhere, at any time, they may deposit, withdraw, and trade around the clock via the mobile application.  The Huobi Clone Mobile App contains all the features and functions of the online platform, making it simple for users to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies with other users. To obtain this unique mobile app, get in contact with us right away.

Why Choose Our Huobi Clone Script?

Using a clone script to create a bitcoin exchange may seem simple, but a lot depends on the coding that goes into creating the script. The clone script itself must be of the highest calibre to create and introduce an amazing cryptocurrency exchange such as Huobi. A well-designed cryptocurrency exchange can be destroyed by a single flaw. We are a well-known Huobi Clone Script company that has gained recognition for its feature-rich, flawless, and unquestionable Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts. For the seamless running of your trading business, we offer full technical support and maintenance services. Take advantage of our cutting-edge Huobi clone script right now to quickly conquer the cryptocurrency industry.